And Just Like That...February is Over!

Here I am sitting in my living room before my husband and daughter wake up. I find these moments of quiet time in the mornings help me to reflect. What has February meant to me is what I'm thinking about this morning? Yes it was a busy month but so excited to shout out some things I really enjoyed last month in honor of Black History month - retailers, a children's book, and a new restaurant.

Some retailers showed up (and out) in celebration of Black History Month. My daughter and I are rocking our Black Is Beautiful shirts from Target (pictured below). I loved seeing their collection of clothes celebrating us and I wasn't the only one because their Black History apparel pretty much sold out. On a personal note, I work for Gap Inc and I have never worked for a company that celebrates the contributions of Black people in such an overt way. All month long, they held events that celebrated our culture, our style, and our voice. This month, Banana Republic Factory introduced a new line beautifully named True Hues. This collection includes a variety of nude colors that complements various skin tones (insert Amen here)! Can we also talk about how Banana Republic Factory decided to use their own diverse employee base to promote the line which felt authentic, inclusive and representative. I was one of the models (check out some photos on my Instagram).

Who doesn't love a good book? This month I got through 1.5 books and my goal for the month was 2. Since I am in a celebratory mood, I say yes to progress and almost hitting that goal. The book I want to highlight is one of my daughter's favorite books, "Dream Big, Little One" by Vashti Harrison. What I like about the book is representation, admiration and education. My daughter can start to see people in books that look like her! There is a level of admiration and honor that the book gives to those that have become before us and how their contributions impacted the world. I highly recommend you buy this book for the little girl in your life.

Last month, I got a chance to celebrate one of my dear friend's birthday at OYO in Pleasanton, CA. The founder and executive chef, A South American-born native of British Guyana, has brought a taste of South American and Caribbean cuisine to the Bay. This place is very special to me me because the food which includes Doubles, Pholouri, and Curry Goat was a meal that brought me back to the times I spent in Trinidad and Tobago with family and friends.

The celebration doesn't stop because today is March 1st. I encourage you to support black owned businesses, to expand your books selection to include black authors, and spend time learning about the contributions of Black People. If you haven't booked a trip to Washington D.C. to visit the African American Museum, please add this to your list of places to visit soon. Here is to celebrating Black History Month all year long and I encourage you to join me. Don't hesitate to share your journey with me.

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