The arrival of a child is a joyous occasion where family members and friends rejoice and surround the child with love from the moment they are born. Like with many major milestones in people’s lives, the outside world many not understand all that has happened leading up to this major moment. Some couples that desire to grow their family, experience months and years of fertility issues, pregnancy complications or miscarriages such as my client, Jenn and her husband Joey. Jenn and I recently spoke, ironically after the day she gave birth, about her fertility issues, her pregnancy experience (in a pandemic), and motherhood.

I have started this tradition of calling clients a couple of weeks after I take their pictures. It’s a personal touch of my business which is true to who I am, a person that cares and loves to connect with people and hear their story. As Jenn picked up the phone, I was expecting silence since she was supposed to be resting anticipating the birth of her baby. To my surprise, I heard sweet baby cries in the background. Jenn proudly said that she had her baby boy the night prior. I quickly congratulated her assuming I would call back in a couple of weeks but in true Jenn fashion she welcomed the call and insisted that she wanted to talk now after just witnessing a miracle, the birth of her son.

Jenn shared with me that when her and her husband Joey discovered that they were going to be parents, they were ecstatic. They had been trying for almost two years and went through fertility treatments. They unfortunately experienced a couple of miscarriages which were heart breaking. Jen said infertility and miscarriages are subjects that few women openly talk about but that many women experience. Talking about it brings comfort and connection for her and she wants women to understand they are not alone in their grief and experience.

Jen, an avid crossfitter, marveled at the changes her body went through during pregnancy. She said it was amazing what her body could do to create, grow and nurture life. She felt the strongest she has ever felt to hold and protect a little human in her body. As a result of an on going pandemic, Jenn said she knows her experiences were also unique, in that she had to go to doctor’s appointments by herself and was home a lot so her friends and family missed seeing her grow and glow during pregnancy but she enjoyed her pregnancy nonetheless.

As she held her son in her arms for the first time, she was overwhelmed with emotions. It was love at first site. Jenn said she is excited about her new role as a mom and her desire is to raise a good, respectable man like his dad. She also mentioned that she has prepared for motherhood by talking to her mom friends and reading books but she also wants to roll with the punches and always consider and do what’s best for her child. She is excited about motherhood and I'm excited for her and her beautiful family.

Congratulations Jenn and Joey on the birth of your son!

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month and if you have experienced loss please consider talking to someone and don’t suffer alone. If you know someone that has experienced pregnancy or infant loss, reach out and show you care and support them. Even if you don't know what to say, your presence and support may be what they need to comfort them through a tough time.